Just like with our clothing, our motorcycle design was inspired by the feeling of the 70s’ and 80s. The technology used at the time is beautiful but sadly will not satisfy our craving for one hell of a ride. So we decided to keep the best styles decisions from the past and add some cutting-edge modern technology.

What we do

Donor Bike: 1981 SUZUKI GS750
Frame Modifications: Cleaned and reduced, rear frame loop, seat cowl brackets

Bodywork: Seat cowl made out from 2mm steel with, custom seat
Motor: 743ccm, new seals, oil filter, adjust valves
New chain kit
Exhaust: 4 in 1 with custom muffler, heat wrap
Front Suspension: 3″ lowered with custom lowering spacers
Rear Suspension: 324mm aftermarket shocks
Tires/Wheels: 19×4.00 Shinko, 18×4.50 Shinko
Brakes: R – Drum brake / original
Electronics: minimal custom wiring with relocated switches,
Other Modifications: Raw steel finish with clear coat, brown leather seat, relocated key switch