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FAQs for your Custom Motorcycle

Begin the process by sharing your vision and preferences with us.

Yes, we help in choosing a base model that aligns best with your project.

Full restoration projects start from 25.000€. Kindly note that unforeseen circumstances are more probable than not during the restoration of an older bike. Therefore, it is advisable to factor in some additional costs when making your calculations.

We provide consultation and design concepts for bespoke motorcycle projects.

We are only choosing high-quality components that get the german TÜV approval for your bespoke motorcycle.

We offer a wide range of mechanical modifications to enhance your motorcycle’s performance.

We build motorcycles in our very own style, but of course we will collaborate closely with you to work in your personal ideas in order to create a unique concept.

We only work on donor bikes up to 1985 for full conversions and do only small conversions on junger motorcycles.

We prioritize quality and select only high-grade components for our projects.

After assembly, a thorough testing phase of at least 150km ensures the functionality of your motorcycle.

We ensure that the custom motorcycle meets all safety standards and regulations.

Yes, we offer custom paintwork and graphics to give your motorcycle a personal touch. But honestly we love a good patina more than fancy colors and often use especially tanks “as found”.

Absolutely, we customize the seat to align with your preferences and requirements.

To be discussed, but normally we take 70% of the agreed amount before we start building.

We regularly update you on the progress of your custom motorcycle build and are available for any inquiries.