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We build custom motorcycles and caferacers with passion. Each motorcycle has a story that we want to tell.

Ikonic Bikes is a custom motorcycle workshop, founded by Bastian Altendorfer, who is coming from a strong design background in fashion and grafic design and was finally coming back to his roots as a craftsman, strives to craft iconic motorcycles that capture the imagination of modern riders. This objective is bolstered by the brand’s commitment to inspiring a new generation of connoisseurs. While blending skills and creativity, Ikonic Bikes offers an exhilarating experience to venture beyond the norm.

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We are dedicated to building your next ride. We customize motorcycles and promote a lifestyle dedicated to the decades between the 50s and the 80s.

We include your ideas in the design process and create unique vehicles with an aesthetic concept inspired by the best designs of those decades and combine them with high-quality contemporary products. Let us find a base or bring us your motorcycle, not younger than 1984, and we will build an exclusive and unique revivalist ride designed just for you. Give us some input on the ride you desire, and we will help you find the perfect motorcycle and make your dreams come true.

For the most part, we only do full conversions in “our style,” but we are always open to your input, and sometimes we rework only parts of motorcycles. A full redesign of an “old” bike is a ton of work and needs expertise and time.

Our output is no more than 2-3 custom motorcycles per year. Our prices start at around €25,000 for a bespoke motorcycle of your dreams as a full restoration. Get in touch for an individual quote we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Check out our custom builds here.