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Our expertise lies in providing a range of services to personalize and customize your motorcycle to perfection.

We are offering consultation and Design Concepts for your bespoke motorcycle. We guide you through the planning of custom projects, develop innovative design ideas, and select the right components for a truly unique result.

Ikonic bikes services


Modification and Customization: Adapting existing motorcycles through alterations, paintwork, seat adjustments, handlebar changes, and other modifications.

Tuning: Carburetor adjustments, individual jetting, valve adjustment, setting the perfect ignition timing and conversion from old mechanical to electric ignition for better starting and overall performance, adjusting exhaust systems for a personalized performance.

Painting/powder coating and Graphic Design: Professional painting/powder coating and graphic design of motorcycle parts to create a unique appearance.

Upholstery Work: Customizing seat benches to fit the projects style and aesthetics.

Electronics Integration: Installation of modern electronic components,- mostly Motogadgets, such as LED lighting, digital instruments, custom wiring, keyless start and other upgrades.

Repair and Maintenance: General repairs and overhauls on our custom projects, inspections, and maintenance work on motorcycles to ensure reliable operation.

Parts Procurement: Sourcing special parts and accessories for individual motorcycle projects with german TÜV approval.